Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weather in The Sims 3?!

That's right! Watch my sim Leaf come across an interesting revelation:

You need the Ambitions expansion pack to do this. Buy the fog emitter under the misc. tab using the buydebug cheat and shift ctrl click on it and there's a place to type in effect names. Type in snowfallinglightday to get some snow! You have to place multiple emitters to get snow all over the lot. It can snow inside however. This does not have any effect on gameplay, it's an effect and nothing more at this point. It can also set up to be triggered through the hidden switches from World Adventures as shown in my video.

Weather just might be in EP3 folks. Seems like we've got confirmation that it's at least coming eventually!
Edit: Okay...looks like it's not EP3 then, as it's confirmed to be Late Night (Nightlife with Superstar and a bit of Apartment Life mixed in).

Special thanks goes to Goggalor from Mod The Sims for sharing how to do this! Original thread:

I'm going to go do some more experiments with this, the possibilities here are huge!


  1. I finally got Ambitions AND it crashes everytime I move my sims in a house! Its so frusterating - do you know what to do? People say that its probably the memory on my computer but I am not sure!

  2. How much memory does your computer have again? I don't remember...but it might not be a memory issue unless you're trying to move your sims into huge houses. I had my game crash on me because I was placing a mansion on one of the huge lots in the hills of Sunset Valley and when I tried to rotate it, the game crashed the third time I rotated the lot. It took forever to rotate the first two times, it was probably sucking all the resources of my PC. Personally my game has never crashed when moving in new sims, but maybe your problem is similar.

    The save file of your town could have been corrupted somehow. Try a brand new town and see what happens! I'd try this first. The more you play with a town, the more bloated the save file gets, the loading times get longer, and then it's possible to get errors when saving. At that point you'll just have to move your sims to the bin and move them to a new town. You can still use the same town when you start over, it's just the save file that gets corrupt. I think I've gone through 3 incarnations of Sunset Valley LOL

    Downloading stuff from the official Sims 3 site is a BAD idea because unwanted stuff often attaches itself to the files there without the creators noticing. Maybe you accidentally installed a file with an outdated mod or corrupted file? In this case I think all you can do is uninstall your downloads (3 ways to go about doing this, open the launcher and delete all the stuff "installed content," delete the .ebc and .dbc files in DCCache, or just reinstall the whole game). Stuff that you install manually by using the mods folder method should be safe as long as you check that everything's compatible with your game.

    Most of the time when my game crashes it's because of incompatible or conflicting downloads that I forgot to take out or update. The only time when my game crashes somewhat consistently is when I try to place new lots through the world editor mode that came with Ambitions.

  3. Don't worry about things you've downloaded from The Sims 3 Store though, those are safe. It's only stuff from the exchange that are unsafe.