Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Can Has Writing Skillz?

So recently I switched from a Bachelor of Journalism to a Bachelor of Communication (Digital Communication specialization, minoring in Popular Music and Public Relations) in order to broaden my career opportunities. That said, I still have two of the same classes I had at the start which are Shorthand for Journalists and Roots of Rock & Pop. Media Law, and News & Info Gathering have been replaced by Screenwriting and Intro to Public Relations.

Although I'm giving up my Wednesdays off for my two Screenwriting classes (a lecture and a tutorial), I get to hang out with Libby all day since I have those classes with her! Yay! Not to mention the teacher is quite interesting...I believe over the course of the day he dropped the F-bomb about 50 times total. Not in an angry way, just randomly inserted into his speech.

What I eventually have to do for Screenwriting is to write a script complete with plot, characters, location and dialogue that I entirely make up on my own. I've had this epic sci-fi story idea in my head for a number of years now, which I've been partially living out through The Sims. It involves time traveling cops, superpowers, and a villain that's completely lost it in a similar way to The Joker. The other day I started writing about it in the form of a short story and I was really surprised with what I came up with. I might read part of it in a future vlog!

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  1. great Julian! We love the new pictures and videos too!