Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Like my Sim Cars Cool and Fast!

So I got my hands on the latest Sims 3 stuff pack, The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff. Here are some examples of my sims' rides! You can probably tell that I love using create-a-style. It almost feels like I'm playing Need for Speed Underground when I use it with cars! LOL

Smiley car F1!

Stylin' truck for my TDI Geoff sim:
Total Drama

Jet and his motorcycle, named Rad Skull:

Cow print scooter! :D

Overall, I'm happy I bought this stuff pack. Though there are lots of sim cars to download from the Internet, they're all based on real-life brand vehicles which kills the Simlish culture of the game a bit. Now I have more than enough of a selection. I was surprised to see they went the extra mile to include another motorcycle and scooter! Sims can also have friendships with their vehicle which doesn't really do anything except that you get to name your vehicle once the friendship is good enough. Sims with the new vehicle enthusiast trait can name vehicles instantly. There's tons of nice stuff to decorate your garages with, and there's some great new outfits too. I especially love the new formalwear for men and the new high heel shoes for women.

My only gripe is that there's no cute animation when selecting the new trait in create-a-sim as there are with the others. Not a big deal, but it makes the trait look incomplete and I almost thought I had a bug the first time I selected it. If you like cars simmers and need stuff to clutter your sims' garages with, don't hesitate to buy Fast Lane!

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