Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sims 3 Tutorial: How to Place Your Own Pigeons!

Wow, so one of my biggest annoyances with the new Late Night expansion is that there's no spawners for placing pigeons on the ground. They're in the new city Bridgeport, but they only seem to be in the central park which is not an actual lot you can modify. But I found a solution! Using the fog emitter included with Ambitions (not sure if it comes with Late Night too?) you can place pigeons wherever you want!

Here are the steps to follow to stage your own pigeon invasion!
1. Bring up the cheat box (shift,ctrl,c simultaneously) Type testingcheatsenabledtrue.
2. Type buydebug. A new section in buy mode should open up that's symbolized by a question mark (?)
3. Click on the ? and go to the misc section. The fog emitter is a blue sphere. Shouldn't have to scroll down very far to find it.
4. Place it anywhere you feel like.
5. Hold shift and left-click on the fog emitter. Click on "Set Visual Effect..."
6. Erase the default "ep2spiritfog" and replace it one of the following commands:
7. Hit enter (or click the checkmark, same difference)

Voila! You don't even need to wait for the pigeons appear, they pop up the instant you hit the enter key after typing in the command. I was quite annoyed to not see some kind of spawner object for pigeons, so I was stoked to come across something even better! I'll be making a short skit involving these pigeons, so keep your eyes peeled!

I feel so awesome for making this discovery. Maybe I should rename myself to the Iron Pigeon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010