Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour

Recently I've begun to realize a more environmentally friendly side of me, so this year I decided to participate in Earth Hour. I turned off everything in my room and did something I never did before...practicing Ninjitsu in the dark! It's been a while, but I still remember a few of the essential techniques.

It was pretty interesting to say the least. The darkness wasn't too much of a problem since I know my space well. After only a few minutes it got really hot since I turned off the ceiling fan. Focusing on training was very difficult, especially when meditating. Somehow I pulled through, and it was 9:30 before I knew it. I really need to practice Ninjitsu more often. Maybe I can really get back into training when I move back to Canada!

Wow, so the next blog post will be my 50th one. I'll make sure it's good! ;)

Edit: Oops, it was actually six until the 50th. Somehow, two drafts of my Yellowcard album review popped up twice plus a few scrapped drafts made it look like I already had 50 posts. Yikes.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is Rubber?

"In the Steven Spielberg movie E.T, why is the alien brown? No reason. In Love Story, why do the two main characters fall madly in love with each other? No reason...I could go on for hours with more examples. The list is endless. You probably never gave it a thought...but all great films, without exception, contain an important element of no reason."

Wow, just wow. Rubber is easily one of the most interesting films I've ever seen! I'm still trying to decide whether that's a good or bad thing. Directed and written by Quentin Dupieux, the plot involves a tire named Robert that comes alive. What does it end up doing?

Killing things. Lots of things.

Robert first starts off small. "He" first destroys a water bottle and then a scorpion by rolling over them. However, when he tries to roll over a battle of alcohol it does not break. The determined tire then starts emitting a loud noise that eventually cracks the bottle open. Apparently this is some form of psychokinesis. Then things really start to get strange. Robert then kills a rabbit, a crow, and a truck driver completely unprovoked. All the while, a bunch of people are watching the murders through binoculars provided by some strange man riding a bicycle.

At first it felt like a live action Pixar film watching a tire come to life and roll around, but Rubber is a horror film for some reason. If it were a man instead of a tire, it definitely would be a good reason.

Before all of this happens though, a cop breaks the fourth wall by telling us that this film is an homage to the "no reason," which is where that quote at the start of this post is from. He references things like how the people in Chainsaw Massacre aren't shown going to the bathroom, and that we can't see the air around us because there's no reason.

Class ended before the movie could, so I just might have to watch the rest of my film on my own time in order to see if the plot ever gets deeper than a tire killing things. I now leave you with the brilliant opening scene.

What do you think? Is this creative, or just too strange for cinema?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aussie Life Episode 9

After not too long a wait, episode 9 is complete. Can't wait to get started on #10!

The Next Aussie Life

"Rain comes down. People are bored. And one person sweeps the nation, or at least his apartment. All this and more in a build-up towards the landmark 10th episode of Aussie Life."

Yep, this one will be pretty awesome. Hitting a YouTube near you in HD very shortly! A trailer for episode 10 will also be up when it's done.

Monday, March 14, 2011

King's Peach!

So I woke up today and realized that my days were numbered. Literally. Today it's 14.

I had a very strange dream. There was an A/C who could talk, and it said "Sorry, not a fan." Then in another sequence my parents gave me a Fanta and a stick, saying that's their opinion of me. A "choo choo Twain" passed behind them. The last thing I remember was me looking down at my feet to see I was wearing loafers. Huh.

Later, I threw a boomerang. I nearly forgot how to throw one, but it came back to me. I wondered why it kept getting bigger. Well, then it hit me.

Before my Writing for Performance class started, I told the teacher I finally saw got around to seeing The King's Peach last night. He said "Isn't it grate," and I agreed. He also recommended that I start reading a book about anti-gravity. Apparently it's really hard to put down!

While I was walking to the bus stop after class, I saw a car with a strange spoiler. It had "Darth Vader is Luke's father" written on it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I made a math pun on my Facebook status just now. That was the first sine of madness.

I turned on the TV when I got home and there was an ad about a new broom that's sweeping the nation. I went to the fridge to get some Sprite, only to find a Fanta sea. My roommate told me to pass him a knife. As I did that I told him to have a knife day. My other roommate was about to leave for work. She said "See you spoon!" Then our neighbor popped in and told us all to fork off. That was kind of weird.

None of the above actually happened. At least most most of it anyway. However, when I jumped in the pool I went for a spin.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The King's Speech

So I finally saw The King's Speech, and I must say it's a pretty good movie. You should definitely see it if you can. You'll really feel sympathy for the main character.

Funny coincidence that the speech coach is Australian! There's a couple of jokes where this is mentioned. Also, the seats in the theater were very comfortable and fancy looking. Felt perfect for watching a movie involving royalty.

Not in the mood to do a big review for this one, sorry guys. :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011

HURURURUR! HRRvingmejoker? HHRRnufwujupayme!

I noticed that at times, Dean in Supernatural sounds a bit like Batman. I've been attempting to imitate that voice.

...Well, it's not too difficult.

On another note, episode 9 of Aussie Life is coming soonish.