Saturday, April 2, 2011


 So my 50th blog post is on the horizon and so is the landmark 10th episode of Aussie Life! Talk about crazy! When I learned about blogging my first thought was "So what? Why would I want to write about my life online?" Well, now here I am a few years later doing just that.

My Aussie Life vlogs are also hitting a landmark, episode #10! Great, so what is it about? Well, not one thing in particular, but several events all compiled together to make something awesome. There will be singing, there will be partying, there will be shenanigans, and there will be a seagull named Mimico. Check out the trailer I just put up!

I didn't even show the best part! From here on out, we'll hope to see episodes that don't just focus on me, but other people living in my complex. Since I liked how I managed to fit Mimico into episode 9, he will make plenty more appearances in the future. You may also remember him making a brief cameo in episode 4 when I was talking about Star Wars. Maybe he'll become a breakout character like Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Again, we can hope!

Wonder how many episodes I'll manage to make before I go back to Canada? One thing's for sure, I will do as many as I can!

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