Friday, April 8, 2011

Sonic and The Sims, These are Two of my Favourite Things!

Modern AND Classic Sonic in the same place at the same time?! What kind of sorcery is this? PARADOX!!!! etc.

In terms of video games, this week has been fantastic for me. A few days ago The Sims 3 Generations was FINALLY announced. Talk about procrastination! I hope EA doesn't take so long to announce Unleashed EP5. It seems like they take longer to announce the summer EP than the winter one so probably not. Generations will resolve the issue of it only being fun to play as adults in the game. New playground equipment for kids, pranks for teens, mid life crises for adults, walking canes for elders, and a lot more. Sims will finally be able to use video cameras! YES!!

Then the day after Generations was announced, there was an announcement that something big was coming to Sonic's Facebook page. It ended up being a teaser trailer, and that picture happened. Rumours say the game may be called Sonic Generations. Well, isn't that a coincidence? Two games announced in the same week that may both be called Generations and they're from my two favourite video game series. What's next, the new SSX being renamed to Generations? Smash Bros. Generations? F-Zero Generations?

Wow, it's like this week was specifically made for me.

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