Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason!

Life is funny sometimes...

So today I went to work for a few hours. During my shift it started to rain outside. One of my colleagues came in a bit later and she said there's a severe weather warning for tonight. Normally I end at around 7 but the bus schedule is pretty horrible. If I work all the way until 7 I'd have to take a bus and then still do a 10 minute walk or wait another half hour. However, a bus leaves shortly after 6 where I only have to walk 5 minutes afterwards. With it raining so hard I decided to leave work early today so I don't get too drenched.

I made the right choice. But it wasn't only because I didn't have to walk as far in pouring rain.

When I got on the bus I got an unexpected surprise (other than the bus being on time). Sitting at the front was one of my German friends who I met last year! She graduated at the end of my first semester in Australia and went back to Germany but she said she'll be back someday. I had no idea when/if she was coming and...heh, the bus was the last place I thought I'd run into her. Turns out she was on her way to see one of the Germans still living in my complex. She's in the Gold Coast on holiday.

Somehow I didn't notice she had an umbrella with her until we got off the bus! Now that's convenient. We walked to our destination, talking about the weather and other random things. Definitely made up for the tougher than usual day at work!

The moral of this story is in the title. Things, even seemingly minor ones, happen for a reason. I brought this up with my friend and she brought up a good point that we still could have met up at some time even if I didn't leave work early.

The possibility of fate being real is an interesting topic. I used to be pro "coincidence" or whatever, but in recent years I've been led to believe there definitely at least a few certain things that are meant to happen one way or another. Some things seem a bit too coincidental.

I need a picture for this post...um...BOOM, sim fireworks!

What do you think about fate, readers? Have you all had sudden "coincidences" that made your day better? Let me know in the comment section below!

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