Saturday, August 13, 2011

Returned to the Force, You Have.

Yes, that is Duffman holding a lightsaber. OH YEAH!

Man, I love how the App Store is no longer restricted to iPhones and the iPod Touch. Makes me feel less like a dinosaur. I have a regular cell phone. It does have some nice features like Facebook Mobile, GPS, calculator, games, and some other stuff, but not the fancy iPhone pretty much everyone else besides me has. Now I'm finally able to play Angry Birds, but that's for another post.

I opened the App Store the other day only to find freaking Jedi Outcast for sale. I have a lot of memories with its sequel Jedi Academy which is very similar. It was the first game I ever played online. Jedi Outcast however I never played but heard good things about. Some people even prefer Outcast to Academy. It was definitely something that needed to be downloaded to my desktop, and only for $10. Pretty good deal for a 9 year old game especially since it can be modded (hence the epic 3-way duels of Duffman Vs. Spider-Man Vs. Solid Snake). I haven't finished the brutal first few levels of Kyle Katarn not having his lightsaber but the multiplayer is just as good as I remember Jedi Academy's being. Only difference is that you can't taunt. WUT. Oh yeah, and no double bladed sabers or dual wielding.

Finally, another substantial game to play on my MacBook besides The Sims. I hope Jedi Academy makes its way to the App Store too. Heck, I'd love to see the Tony Hawk series too since Aspyr also ported those to Mac years ago.

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