Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I think I may have mentioned this in one of my entires last year, but Halloween isn't that big a thing in Australia - at least not yet. It has been picking up steam though, and at my student accommodation we had a Halloween party by the pool. Plenty of fun was had! Everyone dressed up, people threw ping pong balls and got each other drunk, Albert Einstein stole a witch's broom, and two people went for a night swim while still in costume.

This is the last week of my last semester in Australia! It's crazy. Almost everything was done last week though, I just have to finish helping edit a short film for Screen Production class. I'm very excited to come home. My life in Australia is okay but I know everything will be a lot better once I'm back in Canada.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So Many Videos!

Wow, I got a lot more videos than usual uploaded this month! Another funny sim video, two Jump Birdy Jump Let's Plays and a showing of the gumball machine from The Sims 3 Store! Here we go!


My sims always seem to bring to light some funny art forms. This one being the art of synchronized panicking!

The gumball machine is the newest gameplay item to be featured in the store and I show it off. This is probably the last Sims video before I start uploading Pets-related footage.

"Um...guys? You can stop panicking now, the gas leak is taken care of."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Year of Ponies

It's been a year since the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon began! Granted, I didn't become a brony until this past July but I'm still grateful for what Lauren Faust has done to change the franchise's reputation. I still prefer to skip the theme song (maybe I'll really like the new version being introduced in the next episode better, who knows) and I don't read much pony fanfiction (don't have much time for that) but otherwise I'm definitely more than a passive fan.

Lately I've been liking a lot of the music to come out of the brony community. Even the background ponies are getting some love. Here's one that just came out featuring Carrot Top:

BTW, Applejack is best pony. She just hasn't had enough spotlight yet.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Censorship and Politics

Here's another post from my New Comm. Tech blog I decided to share with you guys...

The Internet has changed many aspects of our lives, including in the political sense. Politicians are trying to use the Internet to encourage more people to vote. There's also websites like wikileaks that try to nail politicians for any kind of misconduct.

Censorship in democracy however is still an issue. We are still restricted to where exactly we can voice our opinions. We're free to do so in the privacy of our own homes but not on another person or organisation's premises. There is a point where behaviour must be respected. For example, freedom of speech does not overwrite the fact you have to respect people's property if you choose to stand up in a church and denounce Jesus (Wordpress, 2010). The same thing can be applied to the Internet. Going to a public Internet forum of a political party you don't like and posting hatred about them can still be considered slander or defamation.

There was an issue earlier this year regarding group upgrades on Facebook. The old type of groups were about to be completely wiped out with group administrators losing their group members having to rebuild their group from scratch. However, what was really concerning was that only certain political groups were given software keys to bypass the need of rebuilding while some were not (Munro, 2011). One has to wonder if the Facebook developers are biased in some way.

In conclusion it seems whenever it comes to trying to express opinions in public places, whether it be in real life or the Internet, there's a chance it could be censored. However I think in most cases this "censorship" does make sense. Why even waste time posting about something you don't like in a website that does? You will most likely get a lot of hate, and may considered to be "trolling."